Predictive Analytics for Political Science

Custom software solutions and big data training modules for political scientists, business leaders and legal advisors.

What we do

Policybot delivers customised solutions
to decision makers in law, economics, and policymaking
and develops open-source software for researchers,
journalists, and the digital society.

Open Source Platform

Our open source Python library gives journalists and researchers freemium tools to audit global public policymaking and economic relations.

Customised Intelligence Dashboards

We build customised dashboards that sync flawlessly into your existing information pipeline to drive timely and actionable insights for your organisation.

Training Workshops

We train journalists, policy experts, and business leaders in data science and statistical concepts to enhance their decision-making and analytical rigor.

China’s Five Year Plan Forecast is now available!

Check out Policybot’s forecasting for China’s 14th Five Year Plan and take our survey to help us improve our model accuracy! Your vote matters! Read more about this project on Kaggle.

Stay Smart On The Future
Of China’s Economy

Learn how a region with a population larger than the UK is on the brink of disrupting the global economy and showcasing the full potential of China’s political economy with the collaborative project between Policybot and The China Guys.

  • The history of the Pearl River Delta’s meteoric rise
  • The central policy frameworks structuring the region
  • Regional & local incentives driving future development
  • Industries behind current & future growth trends in each PRD city

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