Our story

Open Source and SaaS for political science

Policybot.io software developers are a group of civic technologists and data scientists who advocate for global public-policy transparency and socially responsible diplomacy.

Company Values


We aim to serve our multicultural-multilingual open-source community with sophisticated but easy-to-use software solutions.


We transform labor-intensive analysis pipelines by automating repetitive information retrieval channels and optimise analytical outputs. Thereby, we hope to also transform our clients to a more efficient and sustainable business.


We hope to motivate our community users to start passion projects and inspire decision makers to apply innovative methods to global policy, law, and political economy.


Through digital interest groups, we discover new approaches and share thoughtful insights with the community to get feedback on innovative ideas for projects.


The majority of our current partners are focused on China, specifically in the areas of law, economics and politics. We are also actively working on expanding to other global regions such as the U.S., EU, Russia, Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.

Let’s Build Something Together

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